Erika Out of Ankara

At 9pm tonight, an ASBU car is going to pick me up in front of my apartment and take me to the airport. My flight to Istanbul will last from 11:50-1, and then I’ll pick up my bags and meet up with some other Fulbrighters until it’s time to check in for our 6am flights out of Turkey. Some will go to Frankfurt, and some of us will go to Amsterdam before completing our last leg back to the states.

Between last night and this morning, I finished up one last piece of business/fielded one last bit of Turkish nonsense in the form of closing my bank account. As usual there was a lot of unnecessary hassle before getting to the simple solution, but at the end of it I have my money and I can’t get sued/barred from the country for abandoning my account.

When there were 100 days left in grant I went to and made a countdown. I remember getting to 80 pretty quickly and the 60s came up fast too. Things stalled out a little once we reached the 30s to the mid teens. For the final few days I was busy with moving logistics and completing teaching and the numbers going down didn’t have as much of an impact. When I woke up this morning, for the last time in my big bed in my big room, I refreshed my countdown and there was a 0 in the days slot.

I think I’ve been transitioning out of Turkey well. As I’ve talked about before, switching classes at the ministry with 4 1/2 weeks left helped. Getting out of Ankara as a pre-separation and going somewhere I didn’t have to try to keep people from realizing I was a foreigner and where people around me knew English if they weren’t actively speaking it helped. Having just 38 hours between arriving back at my apartment and leaving it for good helped.

A week or two ago a Wheaton friend put me in contact  with a friend of hers who is thinking of doing Fulbright in Turkey in a couple years. She asked some questions about how the program operated and about my impressions. I told her that I disliked the experience for more time than I liked it, but that I am glad that I came and saw the grant to the end.

So that’s it for Turkey, and that’s it for the blog. Sonra görüsürüz Türkiye, yakinda görüsürüz Amerika.


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